Technical advice

Our customers are offered in the market a wide variety of solutions for a problem that needs to be solved or when having to decide what to buy. Analyzing advantages and disadvantages of certain solutions implies taking better and more adequate decisions for your needs. We are in constant formation; we have great knowledge of our products and enough accumulated experience to offer complete counseling to all our customers. On the other hand, all our suppliers also have technical and sales departments ready to give you any advice and inform about their products, offering our customers their experience. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Excellent logistics

Our facilities and computer systems allow us to manage a warehouse with more than 17,000 references in stock. We receive our products quickly from our suppliers and the quick processing of our orders guarantee us that we can deliver most of them in 24-48 hours.

We are located in an area near Barcelona, in Hospitalet de Llobregat next to the main means of communication to the cities. At the same time this allows our closest customers to reach our facilities without any problem and on the other hand this facilitates the work of the transport agencies.

After-sale service

We believe that it is essential to offer a good After-sale service. When we refer to machinery we have a great stock of spare parts on catalogue and out of catalogue with the objective of offering our customers the possibility to repair worn out and broken part in the least possible time and with a reduced cost.

We have an extended network of Authorized Technical Services in all the national territory to repair the machines and at the same time to offer our customers advice on their use and maintenance for each machine. All our efforts are focused on solving problems in the quickest and most efficient way, helping our customers to save time and money.

Demonstration of machinery

We are aware that all the machines work perfectly according to all the catalogues but later the workplace or a specific job may condition which of them is the best option for that specific task. For this reason we offer our customers the option of demonstrating how the machine works in our facilities so that the customer can see exactly how it works, its advantages and disadvantages and its accessories. We focus our efforts in giving the user enough information and arguments to choose the best option for his/her needs.