Get to know us

FRANK KEERL S.A. is a company with a broad experience in the industrial sector. Our human team is highly qualified and ready to cooperate, help and advise our customers in order to find the best solution to cover their needs.

Our goals: We are committed to the brands we represent. Our experience and knowledge is at the service of our clients: we offer them technical support and help them find the products that best fit their needs.

Frank Keerl


Technical advice

We offer technical advice on our products based on our broad experience and the constant formation of our human team.

Excellent logistics

We offer excellent logistics in delivering our goods, which allows us to deliver most of our customer’s orders in 24h.

Demonstration of our machinery

It is possible for our customers to try our machines in our facilities to evaluate technical characteristics before deciding to buy the product.

After-sale service

Our after –sale service is quick and efficient allowing us to help our customers to save time and money.

Online sales

Direct, fast, simple and secure. Wherever you want, whenever you prefer.

Our trademarks

All trademarks are registered and/or unregistered trademarks of PELI Products S.L.U., its parent, subsidiaries and/or affiliates